Nisha provides an all inclusive Yoga experience. She combines her knowledge and experience to create a very rewarding Yoga class. She also freely offers tons of healing advice. I call her the GURU because she knows everything there is about Ayurvedic remedies. She not only offers natural healing solutions, but it is very clear by her youthful appearance that she has been practicing it her entire life. Nisha is also experienced in Reiki and initially, I was hesitant to let her practice Reiki on me, but when she did her healing hands left me feeling brand new for days. She has a warming presence and anyone who practices with her will walk away with a renewed spirit and lots of new knowledge."

-Megan Hines

"Today's fast life comes with its set of health issues. Having back problems in early twenties is a reality that hit me due to my professional life that placed me in front of the computer for hours. Thank fully after joining Nisha's iyogaguru sessions I was able to tap into the ancient treasure trove of holistic healing that yoga has to offer. Not only did yoga help alleviate my back problems it also help me concentrate better at work. I started-off looking for a health remedy and after the sessions ended up integrating yoga into my daily life as a means of sheer rejuvenation."

-Alok Sharma

"I have learned a lot about yoga from Nisha's classes. She expertly guides the class through poses, explaining how we can benefit from them and also shares with us her knowledge of nutrition and the philosophy of yoga. Her class gives me an opportunity to improve upon the moves I already know, learn new ones and look inside myself. At the end of the class I have experienced a total workout of mind, body and spirit, all done in an atmosphere of serenity that stays with me long after the class is over."

-Betty Ann Rasyck

"I look forward to Yoga Class every Saturday. Nisha is very knowledgeable about all aspects of Yoga and also very informative about health benefits resulting from Yoga and an excellent instructor, taking time to approach each individual student and give them instruction for correct poses and positions in order to get the full benefits of Yoga. I always feel better when I leave Yoga class with Nisha. I find her instructions to be very beneficial both mentally and physically."

-Joanne Evans

"I have found Nisha's approach to to yoga to be calming as well as inspirational in making one push to your own personal and physical best. She also helps to bring body, mind and spirit together. You leave the class with a sense of peace."

-Judith Burwell

"I have never been more blessed to have crossed paths in my life with Nisha. Her positive personality and inner and outer beauty have made such an impact on me from the day I met her. Her aura and confidence is especially noticeable when she enters a room. One is immediately put at peace and comfort by her gentle manner and soft voice. She helps to heal you with her heart because she is one sweet soul that truly works from within. There is no doubt in my mind that her inner angel is an enormous reflection on anyone whose life she touches. She is a true asset to the healing industry and her best is yet to come!"

-Mayra Sansone Aboyoun (mentor & teacher)